Site work procedures


There will always be a worker allocated to be supervising from ground level and co-ordinating the flow of work, and ensuring the safety of any other person on site or close by.


If walking on a roof, then workers must walk where nails or screws are situated, that is on the battens, to avoid roof sheets breaking. When removing metal roof sheets from roof, they shall be stacked on a pallet and secured ready for removal.


Workers must wear and use the personal protection equipment that is supplied according to regulations, consisting of: overalls, masks, gloves, safety goggles.

Asbestos fibro sheets will be removed using battery drills or vice grips, avoiding any breakage to sheets. Sheets will be placed on forklift, sprayed with PVA, wrapped in polyethylene plastic, lowered safely and placed into lined bins provided by approved asbestos disposal agents.

While roof is off, any loose or broken pieces of fibro that cannot be vacuumed, will be sprayed with PVA spray and stored in a sealed asbestos plastic bag for later safe removal according to regulations.

All battens and rafters will be sprayed with PVA spray.

Ceiling will be sprayed with PVA spray after vacuuming.

After removal of all asbestos sheets, vacuum bags and any other asbestos materials collected in bags, and their safe placement into bins, all disposable Personal protection equipment must also be disposed of into asbestos removal bins.

Asbestos removal bins will also be kept wet to ensure that no particle may become airborne.

On completion of asbestos removal, the bin will be covered with polyethylene plastic and taped up to ensure all fibres are contained.


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