Preparation on site


Is it located within 3 metres of forklift or ladder access point to roof or the area where work will be performed?
Can different equipment be used to enable access at a safe point?


The placement of scaffolding will be subcontracted to a specialist, and should consist of the appropriate items for the specific.
We own our own edge protection systems that suits most building applications.


Disposal bins lined with polyethylene plastic will be supplied from specialist asbestos removalist for the dumping of all asbestos and products related/in contact with asbestos.


Ensure all personal protection equipment is provided.
Ensure all first aid kits are fully equipped and readily accessible at the worksite.
Ensure visible signage and barricades are erected to warn and protect the public that asbestos is present and removal processes are being undertaken.
Declaration that a risk assessment has been undertaken regarding:

All safety equipment has been provided for the workers.  All potential risks involving works to be performed have been assessed and clearly communicated to and understood by all workers, and any potential hazards have been addressed with necessary equipment and /or procedures.


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